Founded in 1987, VisionQuest Capital is one of the most unique offshore financing and planning firms in the United States. The firm’s position gives its clients access to over 60 sub-contracts with investment banks, tax attorneys, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and estate planners worldwide with the combined knowledge and experience in the fields of accounting, investment, insurance and law. VisionQuest Capital’s vast venture capital network positions the company to broker cutting-edge projects quickly.

As Alabama’s leading provider of international lending, planning, and capital stack implementation, Mr. Hanks and his firm provides clients with these three essential areas of support and servicing from the onset of a project to its completion:

detailed analysis

The creation of structures including detailed tax, estate, financial, and business planning, as well as detailed analysis of commercial situations that offer our clients greater opportunity.

assistance in Capital

Assistance in capital stack financing on hotels, multi-family and condominium projects, assisted living facilities, shopping centers, and resorts pertaining to equity, construction, and permanent debt capital.

Assistance in sales

Assistance in the sales of complete real estate projects with exclusive relations with clients REIT’s and private equity and hedge groups.

We also specialize in international trust investments, insurance and corporate venture capital structures. We help developers and real estate planning firms find the capital they need to complete their projects.

About Mike Hanks

Mike Hanks founded VisionQuest Capital in 1987 in Birmingham, Alabama. At the time, the company specialized in international trust investments, insurance, and corporate venture capital structures. Since then, he’s expanded the company to include capital growth and investment planning with an emphasis in business and estate planning and asset protection consulting. He has developed and built numerous multi-family projects, hotels, and condominium developments in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Mr. Hanks has personally brokered or financed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of venture and asset backed real estate investment structures.

In addition to VisionQuest Capital, Mr. Hanks owns a joint venture partnership with his family. The company, Off Campus Real Estate and Development, specializes in multi-family projects and shopping centers in the Southeast.

Mr. Hanks’ clientele includes developers and real estate planning firms. He has numerous GC relationships nationwide to assist in larger projects and over 60 sub-contracts for the use of their clients with the world’s top investment banks, tax attorneys, venture capital networks, and estate planning specialists.