Our Firm Combines The Worldwide Knowledge And Experience Of Over 60 Sub-Contracts With Equity, Private Capital, And Debt Participants.


Large projects require unique financial modeling and capital stack matrix. At VisionQuest Capital, we have the resources to find the funds necessary for real estate projects such as multi-family and condominium developments, assisted living facilities, shopping centers, and land acquisitions. We also work with infrastructure development and have financed bridges and other major structural projects. If you have a project that depends on exceptional financial planning, contact VisionQuest Capital.

Business Planning

Whether you are leaping into a new business venture or maximizing the growth of your existing business, the best assurance of success is healthy business planning. You need a consultant who will research the market including product or service demand, competition, and target consumers, create a strategy for success, and assure financial planning success. With proper planning, your business can gain access to financing, see a higher return on investments, and reduce failure risks.

International Trust Investments

Protecting your personal assets solely with ethical business practices is no protection at all. A slip-and-fall, dishonest associate, or creditor claim puts your business at risk for lawsuit. With asset protection planning, you can protect your property from lawsuits, creditors, and even divorce. Our asset protection consulting services can help you not only reposition your current assets so that they are exempt from creditors and legal judgments, but they can also advise you where to position future assets. Our experienced consultants can get you financial privacy protection, lawsuit protection, off-shore asset protection, and judgment protection before it’s too late.

With VisionQuest Capital You Get

Dedicated service from the initial phases of your project to the closing date.

A professional finance team experienced in commercial real estate loans for hotel, multi-family and condominium projects, assisted living facilities, shopping centers, and resort construction and acquisition.

A variety of options to source low-cost financing including private equity, venture capital and mezzanine lenders. Our financing can be done in a timely manner with terms that meet your project’s needs.

A network of over 60 sub-contracts worldwide. Our network includes the world’s top investments banks, tax attorneys, accountants, asset protection consultants, venture capital networks, and estate planning specialists.

Financial and business consultants who research and analyze your project with precision and care and who will provide you with objective advice.


Founded in 1987, VisionQuest Capital is one of the most unique offshore financing and planning firms in the United States. The firm’s position gives its clients access to over 60 sub-contracts with investment banks, tax attorneys, asset protection consultants, venture capitalists, private equity investors, and estate planners worldwide with the combined knowledge and experience in the fields of accounting, investment, insurance and law. VisionQuest Capital’s vast venture capital network positions the company to broker cutting-edge projects quickly.


If you are considering investing as a private equity lender or venture capitalist, VisionQuest Capital can represent you. Founder, Mike Hanks, has personally brokered or financed over one billion dollars in venture and asset backed real estate investment structures. Our clients see results.

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